I partnered with Matterport to bring you guys fully immersive 3D models of my renovation. I will be posting models at the following stages:

As-Built | Post-Demolition | Roughs Complete | finished home

Look for colored pins within the models and click on them for additional information and videos.

Rough Construction Model:

Post-Demolition Model:

As-Built Model:


Matterport’s subscription-based platform empowers prosumers and professionals to create, edit and share immersive 3D models. The latest iteration of Matterport’s cloud platform, announced January 2019, enhances the power of Matterport’s flagship Pro2 3D camera and introduces the ability to transform panoramic, and 360-degree imagery from 360 cameras into Matterport 3D.

It’s an immersive virtual experience that simulates the feeling of being physically present in the room, unlike 360 images that give you a two-dimensional look at an image from a single reference point.