Contractor Walk-Through

Aside from your Scope of Work, there is nothing more beneficial you can do for an accurate bid then to walk your potential contractors through the job so they can get eyes on the physical space, and ask questions in real time. This vlog only shows my walk through with the guys I wound up selecting, as I didn't want to be disrespectful to the other companies, but I did this walk multiple times. You gotta put the time in up front. #TheBuildTV #LoveTheProcess

Initial Clean-out

If you haven't checked it out yet, is live and has some resources up on it already. Much more to come on the site.

There are lots of parts to this process, and in this case, some of them are physical...

Great to work side-by-side with my Dad again, at 70 he's still got that hustle man. Much respect.


You Gotta Prep that BID PACKAGE

The foundation of a successful construction project is based on getting a complete price for a full get that price by taking the time to put a comprehensive bid package together. Period. There are no shortcuts on this one, you just gotta sit down and DO IT.

That said, enjoy the process, think about how great your space will be when this is all done. Imagine all the things you want in that space...can you see them? GOOD, now add them to your Scope of Work!

You can check out My Plans and Scope of Work on the Resources page of this site.