Choosing the Right HVAC System

Along with all of the process driven content I am creating around this build, I am also going to be sharing the products I am choose to put in my home because I know there is an absolute ton to choose from out there and its tough to decipher what's what sometimes. So I figured showing you the quality I am putting in my home might help you all make some decisions, and at the very least help you to know what to look for. As always, if you have any questions let me know!

For full transparency: I approached all of these brands you will see and asked them to get involved in this series. Every one of my first choice brands said yes, so there are no compromises here, but I do want you to know about the partnerships. It just goes to show that all these brands are just as interested in quality, knowledgable content as we all are.

For more info on the Trane products I selected:


Air Cleaner:

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